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Facilities The system of Mr. KEBAB uses three types of fast food facilities for its business: - independent exterior fast food - independent interior fast food - food court fast food being a part of food courts in commercial centers. Independent exterior fast food The independent exterior fast food has been developed and designed especially for the Mr. KEBAB system and is delivered in the standard size of 4,8m x 3,5m. Its special version may be extended by a part for sitting. Its shape and colours are based on the company logo and are an unchangeable element in the space where it is located. During the day it attracts its clients with its playful colours, in the evenings with its comprehensive illumination of the hat and promotion menu boards. The equipment consists of the complete technology for the production of high quality products, starting with sufficiently large fridge and freezers and finishing with a storage room for the supportive materials located in the hat. It can be independent also in the case, if there is no water connection to the kiosk. The finishing touches of the extraordinariness of the kiosk and its surrounding are put by the tables for customers and parasols in the summer. The independent exterior fast food is equipped with a security technology, industrial cameras, air-conditioning, sound technology. To prevent vandalism during night hours it is equipped with electricity driven security Venetian blinds. Food court fast food Very advantageous and sought premises for location for our facilities are food courts in commercial centres where many hungry customers of centres gather together. Despite greater competitiveness of fast foods our system – compared with other fast foods – is more than competitive. The interior is architectonically adapted to the size and space diversity meeting strict conditions of hygiene and sale philosophy in the Mr. KEBAB system. An ideal size of the premises is approximately 40m2 Independent interior fast food In case of highly attractive premises in city centres, e.g. in the historical city part where an independent modern kiosk cannot be located, there is an alternative of an interior facility in the spirit of Mr. KEBAB that will be architectonically solved always for the specific premises.
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